The Hike that never was

We just wanted to go for a fun hike with the family.  We decided to try Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.  Torrey Pines  When we arrived, it was so crowded there was a line of people just waiting to enter the parking lot.  We kept driving South and found a new spot to explore, La Jolla.  Now La Jolla is not a secret.  It seemed as though there were about 10,000 other people there exploring along side us.  But the beauty and discovery of future fun were outstanding. La Jolla  We cannot wait to go back and play.

There were many Sea Lions & Seals hanging out in La Jolla near the area called Children’s Pool.  To see them up so close in the wild was a unique experience.  What the difference between a Seal & a Sea Lion?  I had the same question, check it out here; Seal or Sea Lion?

The kids had fun walking around on the rocks & exploring all the cool little tide pool critters. The next time come down, it will be to explore more of La Jolla and we might try to squeeze in a hike around Torrey Pines if we have any time left…