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My story

A Cherished Legacy

I grew up knowing and regularly seeing my Great-Great Grandmother, both my sets of Great-Grandmothers and Grandfathers, both sets of Grandparents and all my Aunts, Uncles & Cousins.  When we would go to my Grandma Barbara & Grandpa Don’s house, I would pour over the Photo Albums showing black and white photographs with people who were in MY family.  I would wonder at their clothes, their homes, their activities.  I would scour the images for evidence of how they lived and what they were like.  I would look for resemblances in our faces.  It was fascinating to me.  My Grandma would tell me the names and stories of the people in the images.  

They were real to me even though they lived many, many years before I was born.  I would look at photographs of my Great-Grandmother when she was a little girl with her mother.  I could still see the same smile on her face then that I saw when I played at her house & told her funny stories.  The same beautiful smile.  I loved it.  I still love creating real & authentic images of our families.  They speak of the love and life we are experiencing NOW.  They speak of the beauty of these moments for our children and their children.  To see and understand what a rich, vivid history they come from will be a gift they will cherish and cling to as adults.  

"That’s why I’m a Family Photographer.  To bless you and your family as I was blessed."

Being AuthenTic

Senior Photography

I am so thankful that they are celebrating this milestone in their lives with a photoshoot. This is a time to shine after years of growth and hard work!!  I love it when my seniors collaborate with me about their vision for the photoshoot. I value their wonderful & creative ideas.

I love this younger generation who want to be authentic and express themselves in creative ways.  Their adventurous spirit and their fresh outlook on life are so inspiring.  Having been a high school & middle school teacher for 8 years before I became a photographer, I have a real connection with my seniors.